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Contract food services is another great feature and benefit for your corporate dining needs. Many enjoy our cost effective and convenient services. We do provide basic meals along with various food items and beverages. Breakfast, lunch, Dinner and snacks menus are designed on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to avoid boredom. Let us handle all of your food needs in a painless, quick and in a simplified manner.

Currently we are confidently managing the following services:

1) Cafeteria Setups at Schools & Colleges.
2) Industrial Catering.
3) Institutional Catering.
4) Health care Catering.
5) Odyssies Catering.
6) Corporate Catering.

We also independently organizes many events such as new year Parties, Birthday’s Parties of the staff and Company Rising Day or Foundation Day and Other Special Occasions as and when desired the company.

We also provide Tiffin Services at large scale.


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